SC Operational Air Flow
The Performance Aire SC provides VAV cooling-only for the temperature requirements of the zone space it serves.

Certain office spaces can be considered “hot zones” that are developed from excess heat generated from computers and other office equipment. Hot zones cause the occupants of these areas to be uncomfortable, resulting from a single thermostat used to control multiple offices or spaces.

The SC Diffuser is the solution for “hot zone” spaces that require cooling only. The SC will also regulate the zone it is servicing from overcooling by varying the supply volume of cool air.

• Control functions that automatically adjust temperatures in individual workspaces.
• No control wiring, pneumatic piping, or added system pressure required.
• Existing systems are easily upgraded with the various diffusers available.
• Separate and adjustable set points for heating and cooling.
• Easy access set point adjustment.
• Diffuser constructed of 24 gauge sheet steel.
• Architecturally pleasing, blemish free hemmed face panel.
• Cone shaped diffusion damper.



Room temperature control in cooling is achieved from a small amount of supply air which passes through an orifice in the diffusion disc. The thermal control actuator senses the air induced past it and varies the position of the diffusion disc (immediately above it). The discharge opening is varied and results in the varying of the supply air volume for cooling.

The SC “Smart” diffuser is a single function device. It is powered by a single thermostatic actuator to provide VAV room temperature control for cooling. As room temperature increases above its set-point the thermal actuator will sense and respond to the induced room air temperature. The thermal actuator will react to the warming room temperature by extending an internal piston allowing the diffusion disc to open. The increased diffusion area allows more cool supply air to be delivered into the room. As the room temperature decreases the opening of the diffusion disc is reduced until the room temperature reaches the desired set-point.

When applied to interior spaces, or hot zones such as those created by the excess heat from computers and office equipment, individual VAV cooling provides the ultimate in room temperature control when the supply air is cool.


The solid face panel is held in place by four spring clips. To remove the face panel for room temperature adjustments, approach panel from the induction trough side (the rectangle opening) reach above the panel on both sides with your forefingers until you are able to place your forefingers behind the spring clips. Using your thumbs on the front edge of the panel push the panel back or away from you while pulling the spring clips forward or toward you with your forefingers. Lower the panel and pull forward to disconnect the panel from the rear spring clips. When reattaching face panel the induction trough must be positioned directly opposite of induction wing.

All “Smart“ diffusers feature an easy to read room temperature set-point scale. Room temperature adjustments are made by simply turning the VAV room temperature control thermostatic actuator #4 clockwise for a cooler room temperature and counter clockwise for a warmer room temperature. Determine room temperature set-point by aligning the end of the actuator with the indicators on the temperature scale. Each full rotation or each indicator on the temperature scale will equal plus or minus two degrees. For factory set-point of 74 degrees, turn actuator clockwise to stop, then turn counter clockwise three full turns.