The model SE-HC-M VAV Diffuser includes a diffuser and modulating actuator. The SE-HC-S can be used as an auxiliary damper when wired to a SE-HC-M diffuser actuator in applications where more than one diffuser is required in a single zone. Up to 36 drones can be added to one master

S-T Thermostat

The Performance Aire S-T Thermostat is designed to work with the modulating zone control system and the stand-alone modulating zone damper and diffuser.

NETstat Thermostat

The Performance Aire NETstat is a BACnet enabled thermostat that combines a controller, multiple sensor options and BACnet networking into a single, integrated space-mounted device. The NETstat thermostat offers a unique, cost-effective combination of networking, application and sensor options, along with easy, intuitive installation, configuration
and operation.


• Wall-mounted thermostatic control. Individual zone control from a wall mounted thermostat.
• Powerful, low voltage actuator. Floating-point actuators are standard.
• True variable air volume in heating and cooling modes. The diffuser effectively regulates the amount of supply air into the space and uses a wall mounted thermostat to achieve true VAV control in heating mode, as well as cooling mode. Automatic change over from heating to cooling is standard.