Single duct air terminal units, model PH are designed to regulate the flow of conditioned
air in a distribution system.

Single duct air terminal units work equally well in constant and variable volume systems. The Model PH Series is recommended for use in duct systems with static pressure up to 4” wg.

• Units can be specified with hot water coils,access panels, control enclosures and
multiple insulation choices.
• A low leakage single blade damper with integrated blade seal for pressure
dependent or pressure independent applications.
• Available in sizes 4” to 16” round and 20” x 16” rectangular inlets.


Single duct air terminal units are available with the following options:
• Optional 1 and 2 row hot water coils
• 1/2” thick closed cell foam insulation
• 1” mounting plate
• Control mounting plate
• Dust cover
• Coil access door
The control mounting panel and dust cover are manufactured of 22 gauge galvanized steel. It complies with NEMA 250 Type.1 enclosure rating. The control mounting panel can be attached to the air terminal unit with 4 zip screws to pre-punched holes in the casing.

*We apply a label to all our hot water coils which states, “the coil must be externally insulated in the field on all four sides.” This label is to be applied to all hot water coils mounted to the discharge of an air terminal unit.

Fiberglass insulation
Single duct air terminal units are internally lined with 1/2” dual density Matt or Tuf-Skin faced fiberglass insulation that meets UL 181 and NFPA 90A. All exposed edges shall be coated with NFPA 90A approved sealant to prevent entrainment of fibers in the
air stream.

Optional insulations available are:
• 1” dual density Matt or Tuf-Skin faced fiberglass insulation.

Closed Cell Foam Insulation
1/2” closed cell, fiber free engineered polymer foam insulation which compiles to UL181 and NFPA 90A. Closed cell foam has acoustical and thermal properties at near parity to dual density fiberglass. The material will not wick moisture on exposed edges.